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Tab 5'fer 5/25 Report and the 6/1 Ride

05/31/2023 3:06 PM | Joseph Peltier (Administrator)

Mighty Cyclists,

2023-05-25 Ride Report

46 riders showed up on a cool and breezy Thursday evening.  Unlike most pre-rides, we were all gathering in the sun to stay warm before we sped off in search of the perfect ride.   The Northeast wind made for a challenging return leg.  Especially on Monclova road where it seemed there was no draft and we all were buffeted by the wind to some extent.

Reported Results:

Group 1 (Hot 1): Ben's group came in at at an even 24 mph.  Ben was worried that they would come in at less than 24... Ben's report can be viewed: 


Group 2 (Hot 2):  Tim Eckel and his merry band of riders came in with an average of 21.8 mph

Group 3 (Xtra Spicy):  Kris Jensen filled in for Douglas and his group of Hot 2 wannabes came with an average of 21.1

Group 3.5 (A little less Xtra Spicy):  Traci led a spirited and disciplined group to a 20.2 mph average.  

Group 4 (Spicy Plus): Keith led the group to a nice 17.8 mph average

Group 5 (Spicy):  Mark and David led the group to a 16.4 mph average.  And they had anew rider (Kathryn) who was impressive with her ability to pick up group riding etiquette (Dave and Mark couching) and her pulling abilities.

Group 6 (GLR): No report

2023-06-01 - Pre-Ride

Finally!!!! The warm weather has arrived in Northwest Ohio!!!  But we will still be fighting an East wind.  One of these Thursdays we'll have our traditional South, Southwest winds to drive us home on the return leg.

Remember you can sign in electronically:


You can also go to the TAB website under the cub rides section and find the link has been added.  Just one click and you can sign up electronically.

Thursday's rides and ride leaders:

Group 1 (Hot1) - Avg: 20-23 mph, 26 mi:    Ben Groves

Group 2 (Hot2) - Avg: Less hot than Hot1 26 mi:   Tim Eckel

Group 3 (Xtra Spicy) - Avg: 19-21+ mph, 26 mi:  Doug Kilpatrick

Group 3.5 (Not so Xtra Spicy) - Avg: 19-21 mph, 26 mi: Traci Bash

Group 4 (Spicy Plus) - Avg: 18-19.5 mph, 26 mi:  Kieth or Jeff L.

Group 5 (Spicy) - Avg: 16-18 mph, 24 mi:  Dave and Mark

Group 6 (GLR) - Avg: 14-16 mph, 20 mi:  ??? 

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